International Gamma Mathematics Olympiad

Signups for the IGMO 2021 will begin on Insert date here

What is IGMO?

IGMO (International GAMMA Math Olympiad) is a free to enter online mathematics olympiad organized by GAMMA, a community of Math enthusiasts with a combined following of over 235,000 on Instagram mostly composed of Published Mathematicians, Olympiad fanatics and past olympiad participants themselves. IGMO had its first rendition in 2020 where we saw over 2500 participants from 80+ countries and heaps of positive responses. For a lot of math enthusiasts, the lack of opportunity in their community prevented them from experiencing or learning olympiad mathematics, but IGMO is the perfect opportunity for everyone in any age bracket, any timezone and any background to experience a mathematical olympiad along with the opportunity to win cash prizes and books, and it is conducted completely remotely!