Outreach and Management team


Owner of @creative_math_

CreativeMath is a part of the problem selection committee and the management team in IGMO. Having inspired the idea behind IGMO, he currently leads the team, poses problems in algebra and discrete mathematics, and is in charge of generating score statistics.

Having excelled in highschool and receiving an Outstanding Cambridge Learner Award for it for ranking 3rd nationwide, currently, he’s a scholarship student at the University of Toronto, studying Mathematics and Computer Science. He has contributed problems in the Romanian Mathematical Magazine, scored in the top 5% of all participants in the IYMC, and won medals in nationwide Mathematical olympiads. He’s also published his own research, improving upon a paper published in the IJNT which received positive recognition from the original authors themselves.

His passion for and involvement in problem solving leads him to pose interesting and unorthodox questions for IGMO.


Owner of @vibingmath

VibingMath is a part of the outreach and management team in IGMO. He helps advertise the contest through this huge platform on Instagram, which has garnered over 67,000 followers. Every week, his account reaches over 150,000 unique users on Instagram. He also helps with internal decisions regarding IGMO.

Having graduated with a degree in electronics and communication engineering, he has used his mathematics background to help make mathematics education more accessible. Currently a teacher in Hong Kong, he is directly involved in education and is familiar with the nature of exams and math contests. He also has a Youtube Channel where he posts educational mathematics videos.

Vidyanshu Mishra

Owner of @heymatheists

Vidyanshu is a part of the outreach and management team in IGMO. He helps advertise IGMO through his Instagram which reaches 750,000 unique users weekly, and also his workshops in recreational mathematics. He helps obtain sponsorships and endorsements, and is involved in decisions regarding IGMO.

Having excelled in highschool and receiving the excellence in education award by the Chief Minister of Delhi, currently he’s a Mathematics and Computing student at Delhi Technological University. He has previously researched and is currently working in homomorphic encryption and machine learning. He has also hosted multiple Mathematics workshops in various schools, one of which included giving Olympiad training (for the RMO) to students from underprivileged areas. His real world experience with outreach and Olympiad mathematics helps IGMO reach a wider audience and augment interest in Mathematics.

Hamza Alsamree

Owner of @daily_math_

Hamza is part of the outreach and management team at IGMO. He helps advertise IGMO through his Instagram page, which is the largest mathematics page on the platform with 100,000 followers from 140+ countries and reaches 800,000 unique users weekly. He is also involved in obtaining sponsorships and endorsements.

Currently, he’s on a gap year pursuing mathematics communication and entrepreneurship, and will be attending Stanford University in the Fall of 2022. Hamza has also authored two #1 Amazon bestselling books, Advanced Calculus Explored and Paradoxes both of which have received praise from renowned Mathematics authors. He has recently been the subject of the documentary Iraq's Einstein, which was televised by one of the largest channels in the Middle East, Al-Sharqiya TV. He’s also experienced with olympiads, having himself ranked highly in numerous ones during high school. In his entrepreneurial ventures, he is the Head of Growth at Faves, a rapidly growing social media startup, and has helped them increase their user base immensely.

Hamza’s experience with entrepreneurship, communication and outreach proves pivotal in advertising IGMO, inviting attention to it, and also in obtaining sponsorships.