Problem Selection Committee

Andrzej Kukla

Owner of @mathinity

Andrzej is a part of the problem selection committee, is interested in Number theory and discrete mathematics, and frequently contributes problems from those fields. He also helps make the designs for the contest.

He is currently a student at Jagiellonian University, and is passionate about research in Number Theory. He has contributed his own sequences in the OEIS and has worked on a paper on the arxiv regarding Ramanujan’s Floor Function Identities. He has his own YouTube Channel where he makes videos on mathematical concepts and is also interested in graphic design. He has run many art conventions of his own and also has an art account on Instagram.


Owner of @pepemaths

PepeMaths is a part of the problem selection committee and handles the geometry aspect of IGMO entirely. He also poses problems in discrete mathematics and algebra.

Currently, he is a pathologist in Hong Kong investigating blood cells, but he’s stayed quite close to mathematics. He frequently publishes manuscripts in the Sangaku Journal, and has publshed solutions to geometry problems posed by the journal as well.

He has also published a paper on a problem in IGMO 2020 in the Journal of Geometry and Graphics! Having won medals in the Hong Kong Mathematics Olympiad and other regional olympiads himself, his firsthand olympiad experience proves to be invaluable to the team.

Johnathan Haw

Owner of @calcforfun

Johnathan is a part of the problem selection committee in IGMO and is interested in Calculus and Complex Analysis. He contributes problems regarding complex numbers that are suitable for highschool contests/olympiads.

He’s currently a 4th year electrical engineering student and about to graduate. He’s passionate about research and has worked with teams on research in electrical engineering as well. Jonathan loves mathematics, which is why he is, on top of his electrical engineering degree, also completing a minor in mathematics. He frequently posts problems on his instagram and enjoys investigating interesting identities and their consequences. It’s this playful nature of his with problems that leads him to pose many interesting questions for IGMO.


Owner of @creative_math_

CreativeMath is a part of the problem selection committee and the management team in IGMO. Having inspired the idea behind IGMO, he currently leads the team, poses problems in algebra and discrete mathematics, and is in charge of generating score statistics.

Having excelled in highschool and receiving an Outstanding Cambridge Learner Award for it for ranking 3rd nationwide, currently, he’s a scholarship student at the University of Toronto, studying Mathematics and Computer Science. He has contributed problems in the Romanian Mathematical Magazine, scored in the top 5% of all participants in the IYMC, and won medals in nationwide Mathematical olympiads. He’s also published his own research, improving upon a paper published in the IJNT which received positive recognition from the original authors themselves.

His passion for and involvement in problem solving leads him to pose interesting and unorthodox questions for IGMO.