Tech team members

Shreenabh Agrawal

Shreenabh664 on Github

Currently studying at the Indian Institute of Science. Shreenabh has been awarded India's highest civilian honor for minors. He has worked with OpenAI to build AI-based projects using the latest technology and has represented India at the ISEF. He has his own website where you can see more of his numerous technical achievements. His experience and vast knowledge in technology allows IGMO to happen completely remotely.

Tarun Agarwal ❤️

kodwx on Github
@kingofdirewolves on Instagram

He is a Computer Science student who likes to solve puzzles. He is a polyglot in both human and programming languages. His interests include skating, music, fashion and stoicism.

Arhaan Ahmad

Arhaan on Github

Arhaan is a member of the Tech team. He is involved in creating and maintaining the website for IGMO, and also in the procedure behind the hosting of the examination.

Currently, he’s studying Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Bombay. He's interested in Physics, and also has experience with Olympiads, as he represented India at IOAA 2021, wherein he was awarded a gold medal. He's experienced with the Django framework, and is currently working on ConnectDome, a platform to help developers network.

His knowledge in JavaScript and CSS helps the website function and look as neat as it currently does.