About IGMO 2022

What is IGMO?

IGMO (International GAMMA Math Olympiad) is a free to enter online mathematics olympiad organized by GAMMA, a community of Math enthusiasts with a combined following of over 235,000 on Instagram mostly composed of Published Mathematicians, Olympiad fanatics and past olympiad participants themselves. IGMO had its first rendition in 2020 where we saw over 2500 participants from 80+ countries and heaps of positive responses. For a lot of math enthusiasts, the lack of opportunity in their community prevented them from experiencing or learning olympiad mathematics, but IGMO is the perfect opportunity for everyone in any age bracket, any timezone and any background to experience a mathematical olympiad along with the opportunity to win cash prizes and books, and it is conducted completely remotely!

The Procedure

IGMO consists of 2 rounds, the first round being a free to enter (Register here), it's a round where anyone from ANYWHERE in the world can participate and access the question paper over a 24 hour period. Within this 24 hour period, the participant can open the question paper whenever they want but must submit their solutions 4 hours after they have opened their question paper. Round 1 will consist of 15 questions, each worth 2 marks, with an integer solution between 0 and 999 inclusive along with a proof based question at the end that will be worth 6/8/10 marks. Participants will be sent Emails explaining the procedure thoroughly along with the instructions to submit their solutions. The 2nd round consists of the top 100 (or 150) participants in Round 1 facing olympiad problems similar in difficulty to those seen in the IMO and the USAMO. Round 2 will consist of 6 problems over 2 days (3 problems each day) with the problems of each day being ascending order (Q1 < Q2 < Q3 and Q4 < Q5 < Q6 in terms of difficulty). The participants will have 18 hours to access the paper and must submit their solutions within 4hours and 30 minutes of opening the paper.

Awards and Certificates

Everyone who participates (submits at least one solution) in Round 1 will receive a Round 1 qualification certificate along with a breakdown of their scores Everyone who qualifies for Round 2 will be sent an official and personalized Round 2 Qualification certificate. Participants in Round 2 may be awarded a "Special Submission Certificate" for a solution to a problem they submit, depending on the elegance of their solution solely.

Example Certificate

There shall also be a medals cutoff, and depending on the score of each participant in Round 2, they shall receive either a gold, silver or bronze certificate along with their rank out of everyone if they make the cutoff. The top (5-10) scores will also receive cash prizes (TBA) and the top female scorer will also receive a Top Female Scorer certificate on top of her other certificates.